Our Story

Meet Our Founder

Hey team, welcome to the club!

I am Sharn, the founder and head Nutritionist for Club Shredder Meal Prep. I have a passion for all things food, cooking and I love to create healthy meals that are still delicious and fun. You won’t see bland chicken, rice, and broccoli from me!

I graduated as a qualified Nutritionist from QUT with a Bachelor of Nutrition Science in 2016. During my studies, I developed a special interest in sports nutrition and how creating a healthy strong mindset is the key to a successful, loving relationship with food.

At Club Shredder our goal is simple. Help you feel your best by providing you with the best! For something so straightforward and intuitive, eating has become more stressful than ever with the rise of endless diets claiming to be “the one”.

One of the main reasons we started Club Shredder was to not only help alleviate stress at mealtimes, but to also educate others on what healthy eating actually looks like!

Our approach to food and nutrition has always been simple: nothing is off limits, carbs are NOT the enemy, and everyone has room for dessert.  Evidence has constantly shown that excluding specific types of food (e.g. pasta, rice etc) has a psychological impact on our approach to food. When we restrict, eating becomes associated with feelings of guilt and anxiety, compared to enjoyment or nourishment.    

Whatever your goal is, Club Shredder is here to help! We want to:

  • Help you build a strong, healthy relationship with food
  • Provide your body with nourishing meals to help facilitate your fitness goals
  • Give you more time during the week so you can focus on what’s truly important to you

Got any questions or want to chat? Email me anytime at info@clubshredder.com.au